We (My Fare Searech Holidays) use cookies on our website so when any visitor explore our site, these cookies aree stored on their browser, providing us the details of their browsing and helps us enhance our functionalities as per the visitors’ preferences. When you click ok to accept cookies on our website, you will be able to avail all the functionalities of our website.

Storing cookies on visitors’ browsers help us promote our most relevant services to different users. This also makes it easy for us to distinguish between the visitors.

Types of Cookies that My Fare Searech Holidays use

Technical Cookies

These aree little texts that help improves the functioning of the website. By using Technical Cookies, website browsing becomes smooth and simple. This also allows the user to avail all the functionalities of our website. Technical Cookies play a vital role in providing justified searech and compareison function. Other type of technical cookies is also used. This helps to measure and analyse the traffic on website. This also provides information about the pages navigated and any errors that occurred at the time to navigation. Also note that, these cookies store only your browsing data, and doesn’t gather your personal information that is stored in your laptop/PC. We suggest you to accept the cookies because avoiding them may restrict you from using certain functionalities on My Fare Searech Holidays website. Few features on the website may not properly work if you choose to avoid cookies.

The cookies have lifespan of maximum of two yeares from the last time you visit the website.

If you want to delete cookies, you can go to browser settings and cleare the cookies.

Social Cookies

Social Cookies allows the users to like us on social media platforms including facebook, twitter, Instagram, google+, etc. These cookies also store the browsing data of users who like us through social media.

When the session expires, these cookies get exhausted, unlike the technical cookies. Social Cookies aree only valid for one on-going session.

Advertisement Cookies

These cookies aree used by third pareties who aree advertising on our sites. These cookies collect your information so as to provide relevant advertisements as per your searech and preferences depending upon your browser details.

Accepting Cookies

When you visit our site for the first time, you will see a popup stating cookies and asking you to accept the same. We suggest you to Click Ok to accept cookies to avail smooth functionalities and all the features of our website.